Monday, July 16, 2012

Europe, Destination 4: Milan, Italy

I admittedly did not eat as much in Milan - too much to do, too excited over ancient ruins, and too little time spent on figuring out where the good restaurants were. I did have some phenomenal pizzas, great cappuccinos, and some delicious desserts while I was at it, though. I did not know that when I ordered pizza (my first was a margherita) it would be a whole pizza. That was an extremely full first meal. My friends and I learned since then. Also, I loved the delicious foccaccia I had in Milan, but always forgot to take pictures when I did get them. So, in the last picture, I went home and recreated it for breakfast (Fried tomato and anchovy on a toasted foccaccia). The wine in the second to last picture is from a winery I went to in Avignon.

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