Friday, July 13, 2012

Europe, Destination 2: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona had an amazing market. That is most of what I remembered. Fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, fruit juices, seafood – you want it, they have it. In both Madrid and Barcelona, I ate kilos of large meaty tart juicy loquats. I even found fresh sapodilla – something I haven’t had since I left Vietnam so many years ago!!

On our last night in Barcelona, we could not help but buy fresh ingredients from the market and cook for ourselves. Getting a pretty decent deal, we bought a crab and a lobster. I fried it with salt and garlic. Accompanying this, my friend MA made a soup with pureed tomato, potatoes, celery, and shrimp and my friend LZ whipped up a salad. 

The one restaurant I did remember was 4Cats. It was very delicious, and the maitre d’ treated us to cava sangria. It was quite delicious for a white wine based drink (considering I’m much more a red person). I had a delicious duck confit with a baked apple and drizzled with a balsamic glace, which gave contrast in both flavor and texture to the duck. My friend ordered a grilled squid and mushroom dish – definitely the best squid we had in Europe.  

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