Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vietnamese Omelet with Tomato, Onion and Chinese Sausage

Although the name Vietnamese omelet is often misleadingly used for the Vietnamese dish called Bánh xèo, the literal translation of it would be this dish. It is just like an American omelet but with the typical toppings Vietnamese people use. It is a day-to-day dish, usually eaten for breakfast with bread or rice. In the dorms, I leave out the Chinese sausage because I get too lazy to drive to the supermarket, but it is really good with the sausage and if you can get it, I highly recommend it. I posted this recipe, as simple as it seems to me, because a friend of mine, Courtland requested it. If you have any requests for recipes, feel free to contact me and I will either post up a recipe I know is delicious or if I have not made the dish, find and try out recipes until I find the best blend of ingredients and seasonings for you.

Vietnamese Omelet with Tomato, Onion and Chinese Sausage
Savor. Devour.


· 2 eggs, beaten

· ½ medium tomato, sliced

· ½ medium onion, sliced

· 1 Chinese sausage link

· 2 squirts of fish sauce

· A pinch of salt

· A dash of pepper

· 1/2 a tsp mushroom seasoning (or any msg substitute)


· Mix the egg and seasoning together.

· In a small pan, boil 1 inch worth of water and roll the sausage in it for 10 seconds. This gets rid that unwanted grease and impurities on the outside of the sausage. Take the sausage out of the water and thinly slice it. If you are in a time crunch, just turn the faucet to hot water and wash the sausage before slicing it.

· In a pan on high heat, drizzle in some oil and sauté the onion for 30 seconds. Evenly disperse the onion. Add in the tomato, evenly around the pan.

· Slowly pour in the egg; rotate the pan to make sure it is evenly distributed around the pan as well. Rotate the pan to do so. Cook for 1 minute.

· Turn the heat to medium and cook until the egg mostly solidifies. Flip the egg over using a wide spatula (if you are as bad at omelet flipping as I am, divide the omelet into two even half circles and flip each respective half at a time). Let cook for another minute until golden-brown.

· This can be eaten with rice or stuffed into a baguette for a quick meal.

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